“Today I walked a hundred bucks.”
“You mean a hundred metres?”
“No, I mean a hundred bucks.”
“Well, the distance I covered would’ve cost about hundred rupees by cab.”
“But can you really measure the experience of walking in rupees?”
“You can’t. But sometimes, you need to put a price to everything that’s priceless to make society understand the value of it. It’s like saying the rustling of the trees and the wisp of the wind costs x amount of money.”


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  1. gayathriramanathan1307

    Beautiful. As always. I walk an old book’s worth. Instead of taking an auto, I walk, and spend what I would’ve spent on the auto on a book from an old books store, along the way, as a treat. Sometimes, it pays to put a price on something of nature. The irony of that sentence hasn’t slipped my attention, but I do enjoy my old books just as much as the walk.

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