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Death by WhatsApp Groups

Hey, I’m only just exiting your WhatsApp group

It’s not like I’m exiting our group as such

Look, we still remain, flesh and blood, cheers and hugs

We still differ on some things and agree on so much.


But you see, from morning to evening

My life has been going beep beep… beep beep

I am lost in my thoughts and I don’t want to awaken

Or I’m just very awake when I should be asleep.


And I like to be in the moment,

Not in pieces, in many different places, you see

So when I’m with you, I shall be with you intensely, fully

But when I’m with myself, please just let me be.


Finding Solitude

Telling the family that I’m working overtime in office.

Telling my colleagues that I can’t work overtime because I’m at the art studio.

Telling my mentor that I can’t make it to the studio because I’m visiting the family.

This is a lie I am guilty of having told.

But however important each of the elements in this trinity are to me, sometimes, I just need to be by myself. And time to myself is not easy to come by.

Solitude, is something worth stealing for.